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Holiday Planning – Let’s Keep Our Roadways Safe

Posted on 12 November 2022 by Monica Zech

Holiday Planning – Keep SAFETY at the TOP of your list!

Whether you are attending a party or giving the party, please plan ahead for a SOBER Designated Driver if plans include consuming alcoholic beverages.

My work is to continue to remind or inform everyone of the real consequences when driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs:

Going to a Party – make your reservations now for an UBER, LYFT, cab, or sober friend, to increase your chances of getting home safely.

Having a Party – If you are serving alcohol, take the car keys from drinking guests. First, track how much they’ve been drinking. Then, have a place for them to stay the night or plan for a sober designated driver to take them home. Have a variety of NON-Alcoholic beverages available for guests. Mock cocktails, non-alcoholic punch, smoothies, soda, and water. Remember, coffee does not sober up a person; only time will.

Easy planning will help to prevent a tragedy, such as an injury or death! It could mean the loss of your current or future job. (A DUI can stay on your DMV record for ten years) Higher insurance rates. DUI fines can range from $5,000 up to $21,000 or more. But the cost of a life is PRICELESS! It could be your life, the lives of your family or friends riding with you, or those you hit. I know the devastation of losing a loved one; a DUI driver killed my father.

Something you may not be aware of – If you cause a collision while DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and kill someone’s parent – part of your sentence may include providing support for the care of that person’s family.

Please, together, we can help make our roadways safer, not only during the holidays – but year-round.

Happy & Safe Holidays!

Monica Zech

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