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Safe Driving Websites For Teen Drivers

Posted on 08 April 2018 by Monica Zech

Several important websites for teens and their parents in the area of driving safety:

One or more of these links will help in making your teen feel better about driving. I strongly recommend “not” doing “online” driver education.  The classroom setting is much more real and has a greater impact.

The following are some of my favorite websites in covering teen driving:

#1.  From the California DMV – great information about teen drivers:


#2. National Safety Council – Teen Driving & Parents


#3. Teen Drivers and Highway Design


#4. Insurance Information & safe driving tips:


Being 100% alert behind the wheel reduces your collision factor dramatically.  It’s distracted driving, impaired and aggressive driving kills and injuries.  In regards to speed – the faster we go – the less control you have, and less likely to avoid a collision.

If you’re are interested in a safe driving talk – please go to my contact section on this website, or email your request to [email protected].

My passion is safety – thank you & be safe!


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