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What To Say When Someone Is Grieving

Posted on 26 December 2013 by Monica Zech

Some helpful advice on “What toy say” and/or how you can help someone going through the grieving process after suffering a tragic loss….

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Stressed, Depressed, Thoughts Of Suicide?

Posted on 05 August 2011 by Monica Zech

Please read this section carefully – there is hope, and a lot of people do care about you…including me!
Suicide affects not only the individual. The devastating impact reaches far beyond those who take their own lives.
People in suicidal danger should call 911. Help is also available by calling the County’s Access and Crisis Line at (800) 479-3339 or visiting
A new website ; offers information, resources and help to men who might be going through some very difficult times in their lives.Risk factors of suicide include talking of hurting or killing oneself, divorce, separation, family stress, loss of health, job or home, increasing alcohol or drug use, and isolation from family and friends.
“When people feel hopeless, helpless, and desperate, they might feel no sense of future, no way to make it better,” said Jeff Rowe, Supervising Psychiatrist for the County Mental Health Services. “When a friend or a loved one comes to you for help, take it seriously. Ask if he or she is having thoughts of suicide or ending it all. That simple conversation can make the difference between life and death.”
People in suicidal danger should call 911. Help is also available by calling the County’s Access and Crisis Line at (800) 479-3339 or visiting
Outreach On The Suicide Issue:
  • A group that should be invited to speak in ALL schools, especially high schools, is the Light for Life Foundation. They have excellent speakers – all with a powerful message to students on suicide prevention. For more information about their program and speakers please call their local office at (760) 635-5904.  Keep the following information handy: Call the San Diego 24 hour Crisis Hotline at 1(800)479-3339, or the National Hotline at 1(888)SUICIDE, (784-2433) *If you are in need and don’t know how to ask for help please call their hotlines.
*Also visit their web site Yellow Ribbon San Diego. Suicide is the number one cause of un-natural death in San Diego county…especially among pre-teens, teens & seniors.

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Distracted Driving – A Deadly Problem – Take The Pledge!

Posted on 30 April 2010 by Monica Zech

Yes – “distracted driving” is a nation-wide problem!  It injures and kills motorists and pedestrians every day!!! 

I talk about distracted driving in my driving safety lectures, but I’ve also been the victim of distracted drivers (3) times in my driving career.  First, I was hit by someone who flew into a parking where I was, while he was looking down at paperwork and talking on a cell phone – I was able to hit the gas and clear my drivers’ side to avoid certain death.  Second,  I was on a freeway – when a driver was busy looking to his right talking to his passenger and failed to notice stopped traffic ahead, he rear-ended traffic while jumping in front of me.  The third, and hopefully the last,  a motorist ran a STOP sign by “two” car lengths coming off a freeway to a surface street, she was in a hurry and busy talking to her young daughter, she looked to her right and “failed” to look to her left as I approached from her left side with the “right of way” – jumping into my path…”that” crash almost paralyzed me.  I’ve got the scar from my $65-thousand neck surgery as lasting proof… so “yes” I know this problem all too well.  (By the way my alertness and seat-belt saved me in all three incidents.)  But sadly, I also respond to these incidents almost daily as a spokesperson for a police and fire department!

Please take a look at the following two websites, the second is Oprah’s “NO PHONE ZONE” campaign – please take the pledge, and have your family, friends, school, workplace, and civic groups “take the pledge!”  It is a matter of Life and Death!  

Take the pledge:

Thank you and stay safe!

Monica Zech

Safe Driving Educator

[email protected]

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Research & Support

Posted on 01 December 2008 by Monica Zech

“A SPECIAL THANK YOU” to the following:

A list of groups and agencies I’ve worked with, or currently work with for my work in safety education research.  Also as a board member or media advisor

  • Communities Against Substance Abuse – El Cajon, CA
  • WALK San DiegoMedia Advisor
  • NCADDNational Commission Against Drunk Driving – Board Member
  • Cajon Valley School Foundation – Board Member
  • Latino Police Officers Association – Former Board Member
  • Every 15 Minutes – El Cajon Police & Heartland Fire
  • TREF-Trauma Research & Education Foundation – Past Board Member
  • San Diego Blood Bank – Past Board Member
  • Safe CommunitiesPast Board Member
  • Buckle-Up San Diego
  • C.I.T.S. – California Institute of Transportation Safety – San Diego State University – Former Safety Speaker, Media Advisor
  • San Diego Alcohol Policy PanelPast Board Member & Media Advisor

Community Groups:

Heartland Lions Group

Research & Support from:

  • Every 15 Minutes – El Cajon Police
  • Every 15 Minutes – La Mesa Police
  • Every 15 Minutes – Granite Hills High School with CHP
  • Every 15 Minutes – Chula Vista Police & Fire
  • Every 15 Minutes – San Diego Sheriff’s Dept – Deputy Jeanne Marion
  • D.A.R.E. – Drug Abuse Resistance Education – Supporter/Guest Speaker
  • CHIP – Suicide Prevention Committee – Past Board Member
  • NETS – Network of Employers for Transportation Safety-Past Speaker/Media Advisor
  • Think First – Sharp Hospital – Past Speaker/Media Advisor
  • P.A.T.T. – Parents Against Tired Truckers – Supporter/Information
  • Challenge Center – Former Board Member

Traffic Collision Research Information:

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Office of Traffic Safety – Sacramento
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles
  • CITS-California Institute of Traffic Safety
  • NCADD – National Commission Against Drunk Driving
  • San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office
  • EMS – Emergency Medical Services
  • TREF – Trauma Research & Education Foundation
  • P.A.T.T. – Parents Against Tired Truckers
  • Buckle-Up San Diego
  • El Cajon Police Dept.
  • California Highway Patrol
  • San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
  • San Diego Police Dept. – Traffic Division
  • La Mesa Police Dept.
  • Chula Vista Police Dept.
  • Escondido Police Dept.
  • Oceanside Police Dept.
  • Carlsbad Police Dept.
  • National City Police Dept.
  • Coronado Police Dept.
  • El Cajon – Heartland Fire & Rescue
  • San Diego Fire Dept.
  • San Miguel Fire Dept.
  • Santee Fire Dept.
  • La Mesa – Heartland Fire & Rescue
  • Lakeside Fire Dept.
  • Heartland Fire Dispatch

My heartfelt appreciation and prayers to the men and women in law enforcement, to firefighters and paramedics and to those in the military (past & present) for putting your lives on the line for us 24-7! May The Lord Always Watch Over You & Your Families!”

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Domestic Violence Help!

Posted on 03 February 2006 by Monica Zech


Catherine Butler, Marriange & Family Therapist

Community Resources

(888) DVLINKS (385-4657)
Family Justice

(866) 933 – HOPE

“Please don’t be afraid to call if you need help!” – Monica Zech

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