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Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Road Recipes

Posted on 10 January 2019 by Monica Zech

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Year-Round Safety!

I’m happy to say that serving non-alcoholic drinks are becoming more and more popular!  People are realizing you can still have a fun time without the booze – and at the same time – save lives!  I’ll say cheers to that!

Not only are home parties becoming alcohol-free, but alcohol-free bars are also popping up all over the country, the “sober curious” hashtag is sweeping social media, and according to Pinterest, searches for the term “refreshing summer drinks nonalcoholic” were up 118% last month…that’s encouraging news for the safety of our roadways!

Why not start a new trend to show your guests they can have a delicious time without the alcohol!  It’s a good feeling you’ve taken steps to increase the chances of your guests getting home safely.  See party host tips at the bottom.

There are drinks that taste like drinks with alcohol, these are called “mocktails”  and you can also serve some very tasty punches that your guests will enjoy.

The following pages and links will take you to non-alcoholic drink recipes:

From the Taste of Home:

30 Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

From bon appetit:

From my recipes:

From Welch’s:

Non-Alcoholic Egg Nog:

Old Fashioned Homemade Eggnog

From the Auto Club:

If you love pineapple:

Hosting A Party
Being a good party host also requires careful planning!

Have invitations asking quests:
• To have a sober designated driver to get them home
• Have a shuttle prepared to give rides home
• Have a place for guests to stay the night.
• Advise car keys will be surrendered at the door if alcohol has been consumed.

Menu – have more food than booze! Highlight entrees and desserts!

Beverages – Have fun tasty non-alcoholic drinks on hand, a tasty punch, a variety of soda pop and of course water! Coffee – but coffee will not sober up someone who’s been drinking, only time will do that.

Thank you,

Monica Zech

Stay Alert- Stay Alive!

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