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Risk Factors of Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol & Other Drugs…

Posted on 24 March 2007 by Monica Zech

Making Plans For Your Party? If Your Plans Include Alcoholic Beverages – Know The Risks!


First, the most important fact about alcohol is – it’s the most damaging substance you can consume for your body – and second, do you “really” need alcohol to have a good time? NO!But, if you think you do – please read on and know the facts and risks of alcohol…

Here are some important facts about alcohol that you may have missed – although the following are true, you’ll never find them written on the side of that booze bottle or can:

Health risks

  • FACT – Alcohol is a “drug”, it’s a depressant, and on the very first sip it’s in your blood system within 6 seconds going straight to the brain.
  • Depressants slow your body’s thinking and motor skills-your reaction time…two major things needed to be a safe driver.
  • Too much alcohol, or binge drinking is very toxic to the body, similar to over-dosing, causing blood poisoning – possible brain damage – possible death.
  • If you’re taking other drugs for health reasons and then drink an alcoholic beverage then you’re mixing drugs and this will magnify the effects of alcohol in your body. (Even cold medication)
Risks that can affect your future and that of others
  • Alcohol is the legal drug if you’re over 21yrs. of age, and, it’s very addictive – tolerance builds, your body craves more and more to satisfy it. That’s what addiction is all about!
  • The earlier you start drinking the earlier cases of heart and liver disease. Doctors are seeing earlier cases of heart attacks – especially if you’re a smoker too.

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