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Stop The Rage In Driving – Examples

Posted on 11 July 2006 by Monica Zech

My hope in posting some of the road rage incidents we see will hopefully serve as an encouragement to avoid the rage in our own lives – and realize the importance of safety and how precious “life” is…

Stories Of Rage –

The following story shows that some of the people we encounter may be unstable and not worth the time to confront:

  • Police: Driver Deliberately Hits 8½ Month Pregnant Woman – Victim Tossed Onto Hood Of Car

    POSTED: 11:33 am PDT July 11, 2006
    UPDATED: 11:53 am PDT July 11, 2006

    VAN NUYS, Calif. — Police said an eight-and-a-half-month pregnant woman had some horrifying moments when a driver drove right into her.

    Van Nuys police said the pregnant woman was leaving a doctor’s appointment and saw her car had been hit.

    After confronting a female driver about the incident, the driver allegedly ran into her.

    The victim was tossed onto the hood of the car then fell on the sidewalk, police said.

    A Los Angeles news station reported the driver had been taken into custody and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

    The expecting mother and unborn child are said to be doing fine.
    2006 by


    Driver sought in road-rage incident

    January 28, 2006

    PACIFIC BEACH – Police are seeking the public’s help in finding the driver of an early 1980s light metallic blue Datsun 280ZX coupe involved in a road-rage incident that critically injured a motorist Jan. 11.

    The Datsun had black rubber bumpers, and a California license plate with yellow print and a partial plate number of 1SF. It carried a surf board.

    Police said the encounter began about 7 a.m. in the 1300 block of Garnet Avenue in a convenience store parking lot.

    After a minor traffic collision between two vehicles, the drivers got out to exchange information. One man returned to his car, put it in reverse and drove over the other man who was writing down a license plate number, trapping him under the car, police said. The driver pulled forward and back several times before speeding off.

    The driver was described only as in his early 20s. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-TIPS.


    $2 million bond set in alleged road-rage death

    By Dana Littlefield
    Union Tribune STAFF WRITER

    June 24, 2005

    An Oceanside man pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that he ran over and killed a truck driver on Interstate 5 during what police said was a road-rage incident in October.

    Marc Damon Grossi, 42, faces charges of murder and hit-and-run resulting in death in connection with the death of Jorge Negrete, 47, of Kern County.

    Grossi was arrested Sunday in Santa Monica on suspicion of lewd conduct and turned over to authorities in San Diego County.
    San Diego Superior Court Judge David Szumowski set Grossi’s bail at $2 million. If convicted, Grossi could be sent to prison for 26 years to life.

    Authorities said Grossi and Negrete got into an altercation on Oct. 9 and pulled over onto the shoulder of I-5 near Clairemont Drive across from Mission Bay.

    Deputy District Attorney John Ristad told the judge that Grossi believed Negrete had cut him off several times. When Negrete got out of his truck, Grossi ran over him and drove off, Ristad said. Negrete died at a hospital.

    Police said Grossi had been at large until Sunday when he was questioned by Santa Monica police. He reportedly presented a falsified vehicle registration and an identification card that didn’t appear to be his.

    A fingerprint check revealed Grossi’s identity and he was arrested on a warrant in the San Diego case, San Diego police said.

    Defense attorney Kerry Armstrong said in a telephone interview that Santa Monica police contacted Grossi because an officer saw him urinating into a cup inside his car.

    Armstrong said his client became frightened as Negrete walked toward him. When Grossi tried to pull his car back into traffic, he inadvertently clipped Negrete, Armstrong said.

    “I really think this was 100 percent an accident,” the attorney said.

    Armstrong also said Grossi has vision problems because of an injury. He said Grossi’s vision might become an issue in this case.


    Other Past cases:

  • On Tuesday, July 18, 2000, A truck driver appeared in Court accused of the road-rage attempted murder of three people, after he attempted to run them down with his vehicle.
  • A case in Alabama Post Herald, September 25, 2000- where a trial is getting underway regarding a road rage shooting death. In that case, Shirley Chapman Henson stands trial on a murder charge in Columbiana after shooting another driver on an Interstate 65 South off-ramp last November after the two women had jockeyed for position in rush-hour traffic. Witnesses testified that Henson tailgated Foster for miles.
  • In April, 2000, a Tennessee jury returned a verdict of voluntary manslaughter against a man who was shot another driver six times — twice at close range — as he sat in the driver’s seat of his Nissan pickup on a gravel road in Hardin County after a road rage encounter in which the victim failed to signal a turn.

    Note: I’ll continue to post the cases I learn about…I also give lectures in controlling the rage – if interested contact me at (619) 441-1737 or by email at [email protected]

    Stay safe and sane behind the wheel…
    Monica Zech

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