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Red Light Running Does Kill & Injure!

Posted on 20 May 2005 by Monica Zech

Help Stop “RED Light Running”! But be informed…click on the following web site:

Stop Red Light Running

FACT: In 2002, approximately 921 people were killed and 178,000 were injured in as many as 207,000 red light running crashes. Survivors of red light running crashes include people who are injured as well as the family and friends of people who are injured or killed in red light running crashes.

Safety Tip:

Who’s next? Careful at intersections – when you get a green light, don’t move – make sure those who got the RED light have stopped, then check again for those who floored it from one to two blocks away during the YELLOW light…by the time they reach the intersection it’s RED and you may be in their path! Once you’ve seen traffic has finally stopped, then proceed with caution.

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