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Head-On Collisions On The Rise

Posted on 22 June 2021 by Monica Zech

Traffic Check With Monica Zech: Sharing my Facebook post regarding the rise in head-on collisions on our roadways.
Traffic Advice & Alert: Due to several recent tragedies. I’ve been lecturing for a while about the rise in head-on collisions in our County. More often than not these crashes are caused by DUI drivers.
I offer these tips (included in my safe driving talks):
1. Head-on collisions often happen in the far left-hand lane, what some people call the “fast lane.” So stay out of this lane if possible, especially late at night.
2. The reason DUI drivers are in this lane – they know they’re under the influence of a drug (like alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs) so they stay in the far RIGHT-hand lane – BUT, since they’re traveling in the wrong direction – it’s the far “LEFT-hand lane.”
3. For alcohol – the first sip is immediately in your blood system and immediately impairing your body, slowing reaction time and judgment – two important factors you need to be a “safe driver.” So, NO AMOUNT is safe when it comes to driving. Make plans not to drive if your plans include alcohol or other drugs, plan ahead to have a SOBER designated driver. Call a friend, reserve a cab, or UBER.
4. When driving impaired you’re not only risking your life but the lives of others. You risk FAMILY & FRIENDS riding with you – and the LIVES of those around you.
5. As always – LIVES ARE PRICELESS! But, when it comes to money, the average DUI ticket can range from $5K to $15K or more. Arranging for a cab or UBER is much less expensive.
6. You risk your current or future job. A DUI charge on your DMV record can cause you to lose your current job, but can prevent you from getting a job you may have been studying or working hard for. All those years of studying for a career can go up in smoke. A DUI can stay on your driving record for ten years or longer.
7. Use extra caution at intersections – DUI drivers often run red lights and STOP signs. At night, they often forget to turn on their headlights – so you may not see them coming – especially the wrong way. Stay alert, looking out far out ahead of you on streets and highways.
8. Another factor, are those who are on certain medications. Stay on top of your dosages – if you are not feeling well or are on medications that cause drowsiness – DO NOT DRIVE or operate any machinery.
This head-on collision occurred on June 4, 2021.  A wrong-way driver struck the blue vehicle killing two law enforcement officers (husband & wife detectives).

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