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Safe Driving – Especially During the Holidays

Posted on 01 September 2022 by Monica Zech

Holiday Safety –
The period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is the most dangerous time on our roadways due to those who drive under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Especially with all the holiday parties with co-workers, family, and friends!
Careful planning can help to reduce the number of collisions, injuries, and deaths on our roadways. If your plans include alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or other drugs – designate a SOBER driver before celebrating.
Expect extra law enforcement patrols and DUI checkpoints during this holiday period. Drunk, buzzed – both are dangerous – consider one drink as too many when it comes to safety behind the wheel. Plan ahead for a SOBER designated driver. That could be reserving a cab, Uber, or Lyft-type service or arranging for a sober friend or spouse to do the driving. You are increasing your chances of getting home safely.
Driving under the influence kills and injures over ten-thousand people every year. I know the pain – a DUI driver killed my father in June 1992, another DUI driver injured my daughter 13 years later in 2005. Lives are fragile and priceless!
Parents – did you know many parents injure and kill their family members by driving under-the-fluence of alcohol and other drugs. The safety of your family should be your TOP priority – not the alcohol.
Money? The average DUI ticket can range from $5,000 to $21,000 – or more! In addition, you may lose your current job or future job opportunities with a DUI on your DMV record. Reserving a cab, Uber, or Lyft, or arranging for a sober friend is cheaper and safer than risking lives.  Lives are “priceless!”
Also – drowsy driving is similar to driving under the influence. Get plenty of rest when preparing to drive long distances.
With careful planning, we can all help make our roadways SAFER – every day of the year!

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