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Video: Stop RED Light Running

Posted on 15 November 2009 by Monica Zech

Use caution at ALL intersections.  Motorists in a RUSH are speeding up or often “flooring it” for a YELLOW light a block or two away – and often end up running a RED light by 3 to 6 seconds.  If someone waiting at the RED light is not alert and drives off quickly, as soon as the light turns Green, the two shall meet with a very dangerous side impact crash.  Most of the collisions emergency crews respond to are at intersections and are usually caused by RED LIGHT RUNNERS!

Reasons motorists run RED LIGHTS?  Some drivers are on cell phones, text messaging, sleepy, DUI…or sadly “don’t care” and will do what you’ll see in this scary red light runner video – WATCH & DRIVE carefully:

An example of very scary red light runner – be VERY alert at intersections!  For a driving safety lecture on these and other bad driving habits that injure & kill, contact me at (619) 219-9030  – or email me at [email protected] I’ll help to reduce the risk factors of having a collision.

Keep in mind…”you” see the people who make it through the intersection when running RED lights, in EMS – “we” see the people who don’t make it.  See another video proving the dangers if RED light running:

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The Real-Life Dangers of Texting and Driving!

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