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Alcohol & Other Drugs – What You Should Know

Posted on 08 March 2010 by Ron Cook

What You Need To Know About Alcoholism

Research shows that teens believe that using prescription drugs is
safer than using illegal drugs, because they are medication. They also
think that having and using prescription drugs is legal. These and other
myths may help fuel a recent increase in teen drug abuse. See more
information below.

Teen Prescription Drug Use Fueled by Myths

Experts examining the recent increase in prescription drug abuse by teens believe that the trend is fueled in part by myths and misunderstandings surrounding the drugs in general.
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‘It Won’t Happen to My Teen’

Many parents just do not want to believe that their children will become involved in the use of drugs, prescription or illegal. It’s one of the myths surrounding teen prescription drug abuse: it won’t happen to my child.
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More Bad News for Alcohol-Energy Drinkers

A recent study found that bar-hopping college students who mixed alcohol with energy drinks were more likely to be very intoxicated and more likely to drive while drinking.
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