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Red Light Running Hits Deadly All Time High

Posted on 01 September 2019 by Monica Zech

As cities began turning off RED Light cameras, in San Diego, I personally saw the dramatic increase in red light runners at lighted intersections.   In the news, I also saw the rise of collisions involving red light runners.   A red light camera police officer told me several years ago, that there was a 300-percent increase in collisions at intersections the first time San Diego turned off red light cameras, the second and final time they turned off cameras, that same day, there was fatal crash when a nanny pushing a baby stroller was struck and killed by a red light runner.

In August of 2019, the Automobile Club of Southern California released a report on the dramatic increase in red light running fatalities at intersections.

Here are their findings:

I cover this topic in my safe driving talks, alerting motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists to use extra caution at intersections:

  • Slow down for intersections – so drivers behind you will slow down.
  • When sitting at a red light and the light turns green for you – HOLD IT!  DON’T GO UNTIL IT’S SAFE TO GO!
  • Before going – “look” to your right and then left, and then look again – watch out for the red light runner who floored a block or two away.  They may be traveling 60 to 70 mph – that’s why crashes that occur are often fatal.

Stay Alert-Stay Alive!

Monica Zech


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