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TRAFFIC, Weather, Earthquake & Other Useful Links

Posted on 12 April 2018 by Monica Zech

 Monica Zech

Getting Around As Safely As Possible – the following links can help!

Since leaving the world of traffic reporting, I rarely hear any traffic reporter give “alternate routes” – or, will say “it’s the usual slowdown” with no details!  The following web sites can help give you the full picture on traffic, weather – even earthquake activity!

Please get in the habit of checking these traffic sites before heading out the door, so you’ll know what’s really happening out there – areas to avoid.  Always make it a SAFE ride – no cell phone use behind the wheel – unless it’s an emergency!

TRAFFIC Information & more:

  • Traffic Speeds! Click here to see the estimated speeds of traffic on our local freeways: Current San Diego Freeway Speeds – great to check before leaving for your destination or work – be your own traffic reporter! “Know before you go!
  • CHP Traffic Info? Check here for major freeway, and some surface street problems click here: – in the upper left hand corner make sure it’s the city you need…but if you’re traveling out of San Diego, you can check other cities as well.
  • You can also call 5-1-1 for traffic information.
  • Caltrans web site to help you calculate your travel time and the best route to take – Travel Time Calculator the icon is in the upper right corner.
  • Weather? Latest weather information – click here: San Diego Weather Forecast
  • More weather information from the Local Weather from National Weather Service
  • Traveling? National Weather Service – – click here: Nat’l Wx Service
  • Alternate forms of transportation. To reduce congestion and stress, check this site: San Diego Transit Commute Information
  • Power Outage Information from San Diego Gas & Electric – surf around for more  useful information.
  • Looking for a variety of health and other resources, especially following a disaster, such as an earthquake or wildfire – call 2-1-1.


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