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Attention Parents & Teens – Tragic Story Involving Helium

Posted on 26 February 2012 by Monica Zech

Oregon Teen Dies After Inhaling Helium at Party
It’s a common party trick, but the death exposes the real dangers of inhaling helium, especially from a pressurized tank.  Click on the following link for the full story:

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Home Escape Plan Saves Family

Posted on 23 June 2011 by Monica Zech

Having a home escape plan saved the family of a well known country singer, click on the following link:

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Distracted Driving – A Deadly Problem – Take The Pledge!

Posted on 30 April 2010 by Monica Zech

Yes – “distracted driving” is a nation-wide problem!  It injures and kills motorists and pedestrians every day!!! 

I talk about distracted driving in my driving safety lectures, but I’ve also been the victim of distracted drivers (3) times in my driving career.  First, I was hit by someone who flew into a parking where I was, while he was looking down at paperwork and talking on a cell phone – I was able to hit the gas and clear my drivers’ side to avoid certain death.  Second,  I was on a freeway – when a driver was busy looking to his right talking to his passenger and failed to notice stopped traffic ahead, he rear-ended traffic while jumping in front of me.  The third, and hopefully the last,  a motorist ran a STOP sign by “two” car lengths coming off a freeway to a surface street, she was in a hurry and busy talking to her young daughter, she looked to her right and “failed” to look to her left as I approached from her left side with the “right of way” – jumping into my path…”that” crash almost paralyzed me.  I’ve got the scar from my $65-thousand neck surgery as lasting proof… so “yes” I know this problem all too well.  (By the way my alertness and seat-belt saved me in all three incidents.)  But sadly, I also respond to these incidents almost daily as a spokesperson for a police and fire department!

Please take a look at the following two websites, the second is Oprah’s “NO PHONE ZONE” campaign – please take the pledge, and have your family, friends, school, workplace, and civic groups “take the pledge!”  It is a matter of Life and Death!  

Take the pledge:

Thank you and stay safe!

Monica Zech

Safe Driving Educator

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YOUR Teen Driver – YOUR Influence

Posted on 16 August 2009 by Ron Cook

Drive by the Rules.
Keep the Privilege.


Help connect parents of teen drivers to this easy-to-use resource by inviting them to sign up for the monthly Under YOUR Influence Newsletter and by creating a link on your web site and newsletters to this new resource.

To sign up to receive this monthly newsletter, visit here.

Help spread the word about this helpful resource! To invite others to visit the Under YOUR Influence site, click here.

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The Real-Life Dangers of Texting and Driving!

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