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Bath Salts – Not a Fad, It’s a Nightmare

Posted on 05 January 2013 by Monica Zech

From the paramedics, firefighters, emergency rooms and police that respond to these calls – DO NOT touch these or any type of hallucinogenic drugs – such as Spice!  You are risking your life, your brain and the lives of those around you.  You also risk your current or future job.  When applying for a job, and they ask about drug use…if you admit to using hallucinogenic drugs – most employers WILL NOT hire you.

This important video was produced by the military to address the FACTS about the dangers of bath salts and these types of VERY DANGEROUS drugs.  It’s a problem in the military and among our youth!

If you have concerns – click on the following link to the military video about bath salts:

Know the issues – click on the following link:

Posted because I care about our youth, and our military!

Monica Zech


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