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As A Parent – Is Your Family “REALLY” #1?

Posted on 05 July 2005 by Monica Zech

From Traffic Safety Speaker Monica Zech –

“Sorry – I don’t sugar coat the message when it comes to the dangers of drinking and driving – especially if you’re a parent. I take a hard nose attitude because of crash reports like this one. It’s very sad when people forget the priority of family…if you have a family, you shouldn’t drink period! Too strict? Not after you read the following crash report from the Sheriff’s Dept.”…..

Also keep in mind “how you drive in general”…how you drive will be how your children will drive when they fet their license. So if you’re driving above speed limits, rolling through stop signs and running yellow and RED lights, and, drinking and driving – so will your child.

Here’s the collision report….

Subject: Traffic Fatality
Person Posting Information: Lt. Tim Curran
Post Time: 7/2/2005 03:29:43


INFORMATION TYPE: News Media Release

SUBJECT: Fatal traffic collision

DATE & TIME OCCURRED: 07-01-05 @ 2312 hours – (11:12pm)

LOCATION OF INCIDENT: 1400 Leucadia Blvd, Encinitas

VICTIM: White Female Adult. Name withheld pending the notification of the next of kin. (Now identified as 46 year-old Tracy Ann Loftis, husband Tom of Carlsbad)

This information is fragmentary and has not been completely verified. It is based, in part on hearsay and is intended for early informational use rather than being a formal investigative report.

On 07-01-05, at about 2312 hours, a Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy was westbound on Leucadia Blvd, when a white Porsche drove by eastbound at a high rate of speed. The deputy heard the vehicle losing control and impacting a light pole and a fire hydrant. The deputy immediately called for emergency medical personnel and returned to the scene of the collision. The deputy found the driver, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, ejected out onto the ground. He initiated CPR, but the lifesaving efforts of the deputy and the emergency medical personnel were futile. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Note: Preliminary information from the girlfriend that she had been with that evening was that they had gone to four different bars. The driver had become quite intoxicated and the girlfriend tried to take the keys from her. The driver insisted on driving and drove away from the last bar that they had been at. The girlfriend then called the driver’s husband who went searching for her. The driver’s husband drove by the collision scene and recognized his wife’s car. After meeting with the deputy medical examiner, the husband returned home to break the news to her five children.

Preliminary indications are that alcohol, excessive speed and an unsafe turning movement played a part in the collision. When appropriate, the Medical Examiner will release the victim’s name and information.

The investigation is continuing and no further information is available at this time.

PREPARED BY: Sergeant Randy Webb, San Diego Sheriff’s Encinitas Station.

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