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Victim of a DUI driver? There’s Help!

Posted on 04 May 2004 by Ron Cook

Contact MADD! They helped me and my family when my father was killed by a DUI driver in June of 1992. They helped us through the court system since we didn’t have a clue on our rights, on what to expect or what to do next! Thank GOD for Paula Meyers of MADD in San Diego!

For MADD in San Diego click here: MADD San Diego Or call them at (760) 746-6233. By email it’s

If you’re the victim of a DUI driver, or you’ve lost a loved one to a D.U.I. driver take action and call MADD at 1-800-GET-MADD…or click here and go to their National website of MADD You’ll be working with others who’ve been through the pain you’re going through – you’re not alone!

*We must work together to stop the madness on our roadways…people are basically getting away with murder, even though they’ve heard over and over “don’t drink and drive!

In your loved one’s memory “speak out”! Vote to have laws strengthened when it comes to DUI’s. Speak at the MADD-V.I.P.- (Victim’s Impact Panel) program. Contact Paula Meyers to speak at one of the VIP meetings. There are many other ways to support your local MADD Chapter, or MADD’s message. Even having a MADD bumper sticker sends a powerful message to those around you…it’s a reminder to others NOT to drink and drive, and don’t ride with someone who’s been drinking!

When you have a party, educate others you don’t need alcohol to have a good time…or make sure they designate a driver, stay the night or call them a cab. There’s a lot we can do to save lives by educating others of our loss! If you lost a friend, keep that friend’s death from going in vain by stopping others from drinking and driving – and never ride with someone who’s been drinking!

Also, as parents, we can also look at ourselves! Sadly, in the last several years, we’ve found more and more “parents” injuring and killing their own families while driving under-the-influence. What ever happened to priorities! My family’s safety means more to me than alcoholic beverages! So I don’t drink alcoholic beverages – it’s that simple! I’ve chosen to be a good safety role model for my daughter and others. So what are your priorities? Or, are you willing to take the risk? The risk of your family’s life!

Remember, you don’t have to be drunk to kill or injure. Alcohol is a “drug” – a “depressant”…a drug that immediately dulls the senses needed to be a safe driver! Also, always protect yourself and your passengers by always buckling up and driving “alert”! Expect the unexpected!

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